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Topic bet

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Thus the question needs to be better defined and more specific terms need to be used in free text. Other techniques for increasing specificity include combining terms using the boolean operator AND to combine different aspects of the question, and use of the Medline LIMIT command to букмекерские коридоры various general limits of the search such as language, species or publication type.

As has been mentioned above the proper construction of a three part question holds the key to the search. A properly constructed question will allow a sensitive search to be carried out in a particular area of interest, so that all relevant papers relating to that area can be gathered and appraised.

The Best Evidence Topic (BET) Report

If a properly sensitive search carried out in a relevant area still yields a large number of hits then filters can be used. These are search strategies that have been designed to perform particular tasks such as finding randomised controlled trials or research overviews. A number of these are available in the public domain and have been published 6 or can be found at appropriate web sites 7. The vast majority of questions of interest to Emergency Physicians at the present time and therefore those most likely to appear as BET reports involve either treatments interventions or diagnosis.

An appropriate filter for intervention studies in the context of BET reports is a maximally sensitive randomised control trial filter - one such is shown in Box 4.

Diagnostic questions require a different approach since randomised controlled trials are not in general an appropriate method of investigation. In such cases an appropriate diagnostic evidence based medicine filter can be used. Diagnostic evidence filters and other evidence based filters appropriate to different types of questions such as epidemiological or aetiological ones are available from the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine and other appropriate sources 7.

Making the searches explicit meant that they can easily be repeated to update the BET at a later date. Once the subject search has been completed and any necessary filters have been applied a number of papers will fulfil the search criteria.

Bet365 alternative is no guarantee that these will all be relevant to the question posed and a final scan of titles and, if there is any doubt, abstracts will be necessary. Ideally a maximum of fifty papers will be left for scanning in this way, but on some occasions more than this number will remain despite increasing the specicivity of the search. It is better to have a higher number of papers to scan than to miss relevant papers by over refining the search.

At the end of the scanning process a number of papers will be discarded as "irrelevant to the question". All the other papers remaining will need to be critically appraised. This process is described below. The overall search strategy used in the construction of best evidence topic report is summarised in Box 5. Evidence based medicine is not about dismissing all evidence that has not been gained by randomised trials and meta-analyses 8.

Some types of question are not best answered by these approaches and appropriate evidence needs to be found for these.

Furthermore for many questions in emergency medicine there is no appropriate research that stands up to rigorous critical appraisal. Best evidence topic reports are designed to find the best evidence that exists to answer a particular question. If high level evidence does exist then the question posed can be answered with some certainty.

If high level evidence does not exist then best evidence available can be summarised, and the failure to find good evidence can be used as a spring board for appropriate research. The first critical appraisal filter to be applied to papers that are found by the search is methodological.

The question underlying the methodological filter is: Although other hierarchies have been proposed 9 the concepts underlying them all are the same. The highest available level of evidence is used to construct the BET - thus level I evidence will be used if it exists; if there is no level I evidence then level II will be sought and so on.

'Bet' - 231 Video Result(s)

Once papers containing the highest level of evidence available have been identified, they are critically appraised. The critical appraisal methods used are standard and have been published in a number of places 2 10 Key questions include methodological and analytical soundness. After critical appraisal a paper may be found to be so flawed as to be unusable and will thus be discarded as of "insufficient quality for inclusion".

If a paper is not fatally flawed or if, despite being flawed it represents the best evidence that is available despite flaws it will be included in the BET report. Comments about study weaknesses will be included in the last column of the table summarising the evidence.

The overall strategy for critical appraisal used in the construction of best evidence topic report is summarised in Box 7. In order to keep a record of appraised topics a summary of the evidence is made in the form of a best evidence topic report BET.

The reports follow a standardised format. This includes the title, the clinical scenario, the derived three part question, the detailed search strategy and the results of the search.

The number of "hits" is followed by the number of бк зенит 55 ком which were not relevant to the question and the number which were of insufficient quality for inclusion following critical appraisal.

Those papers which are included in the best evidence topic report are reported in table format. The table includes the author date and country of the research, the patients groups the study type and the level of evidencethe outcomes that were investigated, the key results for each outcome and the study weaknesses that were identified.

A further analysis of the results of the best papers may be given if the results allow this. Free text comment about the search and its outcome is then given, followed by the clinical bottom line the answer to the original question.

The references of the relevant papers are given in full.

'Bet' - 1000 News Result(s)

Each BET is attributed to a main author and also a subsidiary author who is responsible for checking the search strategy and outcome. It is интерактивный фонбет that a significant number of topics will fail to produce any evidence to answer the clinical question posed.

These "negative" BETs are indicative of areas for further research, and a list of the questions for which no answer at all can be found should be circulated alongside "positive" BETs. BETs are an attempt to formalise evidence based practice in the emergency department. Their very name indicates the uncertain nature of much of the "evidence" in this area. The hope is that by basing BETs on real problems in emergency medicine, real questions will be answered with the best evidence available.

This process is essential as real questions about patient care arise on a daily basis in the emergency department, yet there is rarely time to search for evidence at the time of a patient presentation.

It is therefore essential to be pro-active in the approach to evidence based practice. Emergency medicine is still a relatively young specialty and there is a paucity of high quality evidence for many aspects of practice, BET reports will therefore not be confined to questions regarding new or novel practices and will examine the evidence for well established practices as well.

The BET report does have its weaknesses. While it reports the best available evidence obtained through literature searching on medline and other information resources, it does not examine unpublished literature in the way that systematic reviews do.

It is unlikely that systematic reviews will become available for many of the more minor complaints that present to the emergency department for some time. Even if they did, as the BETs will show, it is unlikely that much of the evidence would pass the methodological filters used in systematic reviews.

Best Evidence Topic reports contain the best evidence that can be practically obtained by busy practising clinicians and should be used to inform best practice.

They can be disseminated around members of journal clubs, training schemes and can be published in peer reviewed journals or web sites. It is hoped that BETs will demonstrate both the strengths and the weaknesses of the evidence base on which the practice of emergency medicine is based.

The critically appraised topic: