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Lg leon 3g

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Proximity sensor When receiving and making calls, the proximity sensor automatically turns the backlight off and locks the touch screen by sensing when the phone is near your ear. Press once quickly to wake or lock the screen. Page 21 Insert the battery. To replace the cover onto the device, align the cover over the back of the phone and press it down until it clicks into place Getting to know your phone Charging The Phone Charge the battery before using it for first time.

Use the charger to charge the battery. If you use unapproved chargers, batteries or cables, it may cause battery charging delay or display a pop-up message regarding slow charging.

Фонбет java приложения The Screen Unlocking the screen By default, your screen will lock after a period of inactivity, then turn off.

LG Leon Review

Swipe the screen in any direction to unlock it. Smart Lock You can use Smart Lock to make unlocking your phone easier. Home Screen Home screen The Home screen is the starting point for many and functions. It allows you to add items like app shortcuts and Google widgets to give you instant access to information and applications. Also closes pop-up items, such as menus, dialog boxes and the on-screen keyboard.

Touch and hold it to access the Dual window.

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Home Key Return to the Home screen from any screen. Displays recently used applications. If you touch and hold this Recent key, it opens a menu of available options. When a notification arrives, its icon appears at the top of the screen.

Icons for pending notifications appear on the left, and system icons, such as Wi-Fi and battery strength are shown on the right. Page 30 Indicator icons on the Status Bar Indicator icons appear on the Status bar at the top of the screen to report missed calls, new messages, calendar events, device status and more. The icons displayed at the top of the screen provide information about the status of the device.

On-screen Keyboard Tap to delete the previous character. Entering special characters The LG Keyboard allows you to enter special characters e. Without lifting the finger, drag your finger to the desired special character and lift it off. Special Features Special Features Gesture shot The Gesture shot feature allows you to take a picture with a hand gesture using the front camera.

To take photo There are two methods for using the Gesture shot feature. Knockon KnockON You can wake up, or turn off, the screen as easily as double-tapping the screen. While the screen is off, and idle, double-tap the center screen quickly to wake the screen. To turn the screen off, double-tap the Status bar in any screen except on the camera viewfinder or empty area on the Home screen.

Quickmemo Unlocking the screen using the Knock Code You can wake up and unlock the screen by tapping the Knock Code, set up in the previous section, when the screen is off. Google Account Setup Google account setup When you first turn on your phone, you have the opportunity to sign into your Google Account and select how you want to use certain Google services. Bluetooth You can use Bluetooth to connect with headsets, sound systems, or even to exchange data between nearby devices.

Как заполнить анкету на 1хбет the Share option. Select Bluetooth. Select the paired Bluetooth device or pair with a new device. The method for selecting an option may vary by data type.

A window will pop-up on your PC, allowing you to transfer the desired data. Enter the number using the dialer. To delete a digit, tap After entering the desired number, tap to place the call. To end the call, tap TIP! Enter the number and tap to place the call. Both calls are displayed on the call screen. Your initial call is locked and put on hold.

To toggle between numbers, tap the number displayed on the screen. You can also to start a conference call. Contacts Contacts Add contacts to your phone and synchronize them with the contacts in your Google account or other accounts that support contact syncing. Favorites Contacts Favorites contacts You can classify frequently called contacts as favorites. Tap a contact to view its details. Tap the star at the top right corner of the screen.

The star turns yellow. Messaging Messaging Your phone combines text and multimedia messages into one intuitive, easy-to-use menu. As you enter the contact name, matching contacts appear. Conversation View Conversation view Text and multimedia messages exchanged with another party are displayed in chronological order so that you can conveniently see and find your conversations.

Email Email You can use the Email application to read emails from services like Gmail. The Email application supports the following account types: Your service provider or system administrator can provide you with the account settings you need.

Composing And Sending Email Composing and sending email Composing and sending messages While in the Email application, tap to create a new email. As you enter text, matching addresses will be proposed from your Contacts.

Separate multiple addresses using semicolons. Choose from OffOn Auto Swap camera — Using The Advanced Settings Selects the photo and video resolution. Allows you to say a voice command to take pictures.

You can say LG, Cheese, Smile, or any other available command. Sets a delay after the capture key is pressed. This is ideal if you want to be in the photo or video.

The following options are available. Tap to edit the photo. Tap to take another photo immediately. Tap to send your photo to others or share it in via any available social network services. After Recording A Video After recording a video Tap the video thumbnail on the screen to view the last video you recorded. Tap to record another video immediately.

Tap to send your video to others or share it via any available social network services. Viewing Pictures Viewing pictures The Gallery displays your pictures in folders.

When an application, such Бк Париматч Россия Email, saves a picture, the Download folder is automatically created to contain the picture. Likewise, capturing a screenshot automatically creates the Screenshots folder.

Pictures are displayed in a folder by the date they were created. Select a picture to view it full screen. Editing Photos Touch to rewind 10 seconds. Touch to adjust the video volume. Tap to access additional options. Multimedia Multimedia Music Your phone has a music player that lets you play all your favorite tracks. Page 55 Tap to restart the current track or skip to the previous track in the album, playlist or shuffle list.

Touch and hold to rewind. Tap to adjust the volume. The LG Leon has fairly standard specs for an entry-level handset.

LG Leon specifications (full)

You get a 1. They lack detail, but colours are handled well, as they generally come out fairly naturally.

The 0. This is especially handy for setting up group shots which you can then be a part of. It allows you to use a series of taps to unlock the phone instead of фото париматч PIN or password.

The LG Leon has a 1, mAh battery. Power users should look elsewhere though. The LG Leon includes some impressive features, such as Knock Code, rear keys and gesture controls and it combines them with a pleasing build, reasonable specs and a very low price.

If the relatively unique features on offer appeal to you then the LG Leon is a strong buy, but you can find a better screen for similar money elsewhere. Pay as You Go Reward Points. Free Xiaomi Band 3. SIM Only Offers. Online since Secure site.